The program – “China from the Inside” designed by NIMI (1-5 weeks) gives participants academic and professional development added value by enriching their profile with first-hand experience in the Chinese business, university and sociocultural environment while at the same time supports the development of an international network. The study tour includes visits to Chinese international companies, lectures and conferences from businessmen and government officials, as well as meetings with peers to explore joint opportunities and visits to cultural and historic sites.

The aiming of this program is to give participants a 360 degree view of China from different aspects: business, culture, history and language.

Seeing it once is better than being told 1000 times


When talking about China, cities like Beijing and Shanghai represent the fine and developed picture, while Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province in southwest China, has been transformed into China's new economic engine in just over a decade. Chengdu now is the world's fastest growing region. With 12th Global Fortune Forum hosted in Chengdu in 2013, the number of Global Fortune 500 companies reached into 252. Chengdu maintains 10% plus GDP rate which is higher than the national average. Chengdu is attracting record levels of visitors and foreign investment.


Great journey to understand Chinese pulse and integrate all experience into global trend

Why this program:

● Tailored program designed based on your interests, lectures on selected aspects of Chinese economy,

business and culture

● Full exposure to local economic& cultural essence, privileged access to government officials and


● First-hand knowledge & experience sharing and direct exchange with local companies

● Localized multinationals’ meeting and exchange (entering China market)

● Great platform to discover promising western part of China (China’s new growth engine)

● Young talents/future players exchange


NIMI has successfully organized many tailored international programs for people from all over the world with backgrounds ranging from senior executives, entrepreneurs and academic delegations to graduates groups. Experiencing and exploring themselves for more tangible insight for future development.


Join us in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province for an unforgettable study tour experience, tailored to meet your needs. For more information please contact